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Fall Session ~ 8 Weeks
September 14th – November 6th

Winter  Session – 5 weeks
November 14th – December 18th

Tutu Under the Tree – 5 weeks
January 4th – February 6th

Spring Session – 5 weeks
February 20th – April 1st

Tutus & Bowties For Tots

Ages: 20 mos – 36 mos

This 30 minute class is designed for tots and caregivers to enhance gross motor coordination and listening skills through music, props, and dance. You will interact together & participate in activities that will promote bonding with your dancer.

Dress: We recommend dancers wear skirted leotard & ballet shoes

Tippy Toes

Age: 2 – 3

This 30 minute creative movement class for 2 & 3 year olds designed to enhance gross motor development, listening skills, musicality, and nurture the creative spirit. To enroll in this class you must complete one session for Tutu for Tots. This is an excellent class for 2 & 3 year olds so they can get exposure to dance before joining our full year program.

Dress: We recommend dancers wear skirted leotard & ballet shoes

Dance Xpress

Ages: 3-5

This exciting 30 minute class changes each week! Your dancer will be exposed to all styles of dance. Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro & Hip Hop.

Dress: We recommend dancers wear skirted leotard & Ballet slippers
DansConnection will supply your dancer with Tap Shoes for the tap portion of the program


Ages: 3-5

This 30 minute class will use props and stories to introduce ballet technique to Children ages 3-5.

Dress: Dancers require bodysuit & ballet shoes

Mini Hop

Ages: 3-5

This class is sure to get your body movin’! You will learn age appropriate hip hop moves and routines. You will be a hit with your cool new moves. This class is nonstop fun for 30 minutes. Ages 3 – 5

Dress: comfortable clothes and clean tennis shoes





 Full season—All classes below run September to May

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Class Guide for Ages 2 - 5

Class Guide for Ages 5 - 6

Class Guide for all Dance Class

For more information about the Glitter Gang, Sparkle Squad, Competitive Team, please give us a call at 780-539-4370 or email

Debut Programs

Ages: 2-6 These programs are specifically designed to provide children with the joy of dance and movement. Basic fundamentals are taught, focusing on strength, timing, balance, rhythm, flexibility and coordination. Age appropriate songs and activities are paired with technical training to provide a fun and exciting dance environment. Your child will not even realize they are learning! Classes offered in Ballet, Tap & Intro to Dance.



Ages: 5-6 Pre-Programs are designed to introduce dance and music fundamentals in a fun and encouraging way. Each class will cater to the requirements necessary for either the ballet, tap or jazz discipline while promoting a sense of rhythm, confidence and essential technique to build on. Children will explore their creativity while being introduced to developmentally appropriate exercises that prepare them for future discipline specific training.


Ages:3+ Ballet is the foundation of all dance disciplines. Students will study the RAD syllabus. Ballet classes combine both art and grace with the development of good tone, technique, and placement. Classes are offered at the recreational, competitive and examination levels. Ballet is an excellent way to enjoy increased fitness, body awareness for performance and personal enjoyment.


Ages:3+ Tap is the discipline where your feet make the music. Paired with popular and classic music, students will learn to improve their timing and coordination while developing rhythmic and syncopated footwork. Students of all ages are introduced to ADAPT tap technique and terminology. Dancers will love learning the tap steps in an encouraging atmosphere. If you love to make noise with your feet, tap is the discipline for you.


Ages:5+ Jazz is an expressive and energetic dance discipline that combines current dance moves with popular musical trends. Students will develop the latest dance styles in these high energy and innovative classes. Students of all ages are introduced to ADAPT jazz technique and terminology. Age appropriate material is presented in a fun and exciting manner with an emphasis on safe and correct technical execution. This discipline is especially enjoyed by high-energy kids, teen and adults.


Ages:9+ (requires extensive ballet training): Lyrical dance combines the beauty and grace of ballet with classical jazz. Emphasis is placed on the expressive interpretation of the lyrics within music through movement. Students will focus on the technical elements of extension, balance and control while expressing a sense of emotion and artistic impression.


Ages:10+ Contemporary is an interpretative and creative form of dance, developing the communication of emotions or ideas through the medium of movement. Students in the modern program will explore a variety of modern dance techniques while developing their own sense of creativity.

Musical Theatre

Ages:7+ Dancers will learn how to combine the elements of music, song and dance to capture a fun filled Broadway style. Emphasis is placed on the expressive story telling communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of dance. This fun, energetic class helps build self esteem and self awareness while they learn and grow.

Acro Dance

Ages:6+ (pre-programs also available): Dancers will learn how to properly develop acrobatic and gymnastic skills with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. All classes will be taught by certified instructors. Students will focus on the technical elements of extension, balance and control while establishing specific skills and elasticity. This combination of dance and acrobatic skills is ideal for dancers that want to take their performance skills to the next level.

Hip Hop/Street Dance

Ages:5+ Hip Hop/Street Dance classes are the only place where you can dance to your favourite pop music and learn all the cool dance steps from music videos. This discipline teaches the latest, most innovative and trendy urban dance techniques! Elements include proper conditioning, stretch and strengthen techniques, steps and combinations. The blend of jazz and street-style dancing has made hip hop a popular choice for dancers. Anyone can join these high-energy classes, as long as you bring some attitude and a little individual style!

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