How are students placed?

There is no benefit for a child to be placed in a class that is not at their ability level. It is hard on the child, the other children in the class and on the teacher dealing with a variety of levels in a class. We hope that you trust our experience and judgment in placing your child in the appropriate level. Student placement is not according to age. We advance a student according to their ability and all the necessary technical requirements needed to ensure no injuries incur.

Is there an age cut off?

We base the student’s age according to September 1st of the calendar year. It also helps if you go according to how your child is registered into the school system, as they would have a greater chance of being in the same dance class with their friends.

How much are costumes?

Prices range for $80.00 – $100.00 There is a $80 costume deposit charged at time of registration for each class. In the event costumes costs are above $80.00, the remaining balance will be invoiced . Outstanding account balances must be paid by March 1st. Costumes will not be given until account is paid in full.

What are the additional costs related to dance classes?

Shoes, Dance Wear, Tights, Hair Supplies, Competition Fees, Exam Fees, NSF Charges, Recital Tickets, Pictures, Costumes

Are classes cancelled due to cold weather?

Classes will not be cancelled due to weather conditions.

How long is the studio open after the last class?

We prefer that all children be picked up inside the studio. Please discuss pick up procedures with your children. The studio will close 15 minutes after the last class of each day, please ensure you are on time to pick up your children.

Are spectators allowed during classes?

Although we all love to watch our children learning, it is actually quite uncomfortable for the students to learn (and make mistakes) while people are watching. In order for your child to get the best out of class time we have implemented a no spectator rule and hope this will be respected. This includes friends of the dancers who want to come in and watch a class. We have an official viewing week called visitors week. DCC classed will not be offered this opportunity.

Are dance Exams Offered?

At DansConnection we hold exams in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Your teacher will let each dancer know when they are ready to take an exam, and it is likely that they will have at least 1 year study of a syllabus before you approach an exam. It is your choice to take an exam. Exam can be scheduled anytime on any day of the week during the exam session which is dependant on the examiner.

As Ballet exams are held in the fall/winter, training starts the previous dance year. In order for teachers to determine if the individual will be ready for their exam all students considering taking a ballet exam must attended summer school.

Please keep in mind that we as teachers, have set guidelines and requirements that our students are expected to meet (set by the RAD., CDTA and ADAPT). Our experience tells us whether a student is meeting these\or they haven’t mastered it yet. The students can however, continue to work toward these goals at this level. The teachers will also expect the students entering the exams to possibly do some extra classes the month before the exam.

Examinations are only a way for the student and your teacher to see how you are progressing. The results are not necessarily an indication of students full dance abilities as nerves and other factor may affect exam results. Examiners are not there to frighten you and they know how you are feeling and will do their best to put you at ease. Remember you both have something in common – a love of dancing.

What is DansConnection Competitive Team (DCCT)?

DansConnection Competitive Team is a group of dancers who are invited to perform in various out of town festivals and local competitions.

Does DC offer Summer School?

Summer school will be held each year and is available to all students of all levels. Disciplines taught during summer school are Ballet, Conditioning, Jazz, Tap, Stylized Dance (such as Hip Hop or Flamenco) , and Contemporary.

DansConnection Competitive Tam (DCCT) choreography will be taught at this time. All DCCT dancers and students considering taking Ballet exams must attend.

Do all students attend Local Festivals?

Most classes have the opportunity to perform in a Peace Country festival (excluding Pre School Programs PS1,PS2, & PS3). The $40 non-refundable registration fee is due at registration. This is an event where a dancer can perform in a non competitive setting for adjudication, medals, or awards. Festivals can help promote self-improvement and increased self-esteem. Dancers who participate tend to grasp the performance edge early. All classes have the opportunity to perform in the local festivals (excluding Pre School Programs PS1, PS2, & PS3)

Is there a Recital?

DansConnection holds an annual recital where each class will be performing in a minimum of two shows. If you are interested in volunteering for backstage help please watch for the sign up sheet.

Who takes team pictures?

Pixal Pro comes to our studio to take class and individual pictures. Costumes, hair and make up must be done prior to arriving for photo. If your child is enrolled in more than 1 discipline please be advised they may need to come more than 1 time throughout the picture days. Hair must be worn as stated on the costume etiquette sheet, but make up is optional and should be worn naturally, not as stage make-up.

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