Your First Class

So, your little girl or boy is attending dance class for the first time. How exciting! Whether it’s your 3-year-old starting debut classes, your 7-year-old going for ballet, tap or jazz, or even a preteen/ early teen who’s just recently discovered a love of dance, this section of our website will help you.

What should my child wear?

Please check out our dress code section of the website. Everything you need can be purchased from our studio. Please stop in before your first day of classes to be fitted for everything you need. 10 week session children are allowed to wear a frilly tutu with their leotard.

How should I do my girl’s hair?

If your girl has long hair, first tie it up in a tight ponytail, then make a bun using bobby pins and a hairnet. Short hair can either be tied up in just a ponytail, or pulled back with a hair band. Note: for some types of hair you might have to use gel or spray to keep it in place. See our other tips and guidelines on dress code for more details.

Will my child enjoy the classes?

At DansConnection, our goal is to nurture a fun and educational environment.

What does my child need to know for the first class?

Classes for beginners don’t require any knowledge. The teacher will show your child some safe exercises and stretches, which she or he can repeat and practice at home.

What can I expect in dance for my child?

If she or he decides to dance just for fun, this will bring benefits in almost every aspect of life, without a lot of pressure. 
If she or he decides to try out for a professional career (and has the physical/mental ability), it will most likely be hard and may impact social and school life. But don’t stop your child if it’s his or her dream! A life of doing what one loves best is the most fulfilling experience anyone could have. 

So, make the move and take your child—boy or girl—to their first ever dance class. Don’t forget to take pictures; this might be the start of a great thing!

Can I watch my child’s class?

Our lobby is equipped with state of the art technology. All classes can be viewed from our lobby on our closed circuit televisions.

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