Obtain accredited certification for your dance career

At DansConnection we hold exams in Ballet, Acro, Tap, and Jazz. Your teacher will let each dancer know when they are ready to take an exam, and it is likely that they will have at least one year study of a syllabus before you approach an exam. It is your choice to take an exam. Exam can be scheduled anytime on any day of the week during the exam session, which is dependent on the examiner. As Ballet exams are held in the fall/winter, training starts the previous dance year. In order for teachers to determine if the individual will be ready for their exam all students considering taking a ballet exam must attended summer school.

Please keep in mind that we as teachers, have set guidelines and requirements that our students are expected to meet (set by the RAD, ACROBATIQUE and ADAPT organizations). Our experience tells us whether a student is meeting these or if they haven’t mastered it yet. The students can however, continue to work toward these goals at this level. The teachers will also expect the students entering the exams to possibly do some extra classes the month before the exam.

Examinations are only a way for the student and your teacher to see how you are progressing. The results are not necessarily an indication of students full dance abilities as nerves and other factor may affect exam results. Examiners are not there to frighten you and they know how you are feeling and will do their best to put you at ease. Remember you both have something in common— love of dancing.

We hold the following exams each year:

RAD Ballet Exams

RAD Exam Info and Schedules

ADAPT  Jazz & Tap Exams

Acrobatique Acro Exams


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