Student Handbook

As experienced qualified instructors we will have fun and share our passion, knowledge, skills and ability with all our students.

This booklet contains valuable information, which will be referred to throughout the season. Please take the time to read it in its entirety. Click on a heading to expand the information within.


Registration is a full year commitment, all classes offered run September – June. There is a non-refundable $45.00 registration fee per family, a non-refundable $40 festival fee and a non-refundable costume fee per class due at time of registration. Monthly payments are withdrawn from your account on the 1st of each month.

Student Placement

There is no benefit for a child to be placed in a class that is not at their ability level. It is hard on the child, the other children in the class and on the teacher dealing with a variety of levels in a class. We hope that you trust our experience and judgement in placing your child in the appropriate level. Student placement is not according to age. We advance a student according to their ability and all the necessary technical requirements needed to ensure no injuries incur.

Age Calculation

We base the student’s age according to September 1st of the calendar year. It also helps if you go according to how your child is registered into the school system, as they would have a greater chance of being in the same dance class with their friends.


Prices range for $80.00 – $100.00
In the event costumes costs are above deposit amount, the remaining balance will be invoiced . Outstanding account balances must be paid by March 1st. Costumes will not be given until account is paid in full.


Class fees are determined by the number of hours your family dances a week. The fees include are for full season tuition. There will be a 5% late charge added if class fees are received after term is due. Full season tuition must be provided at time of registration to retain class payment. Monthly payment options are available. We accepted post dated cheques cash, Visa, MasterCard and debit.

Additional Costs

Shoes, Dance Wear, Tights, Hair Supplies, Competition Fees, Exam Fees, NSF Charges, Recital Tickets, Pictures, Costumes

These policies are for the greater good of the school as a whole. All policies in this manual are non-negotiable.

Cold Weather

Classes will be cancelled due to weather conditions.

Student Pick Up

We prefer that all children be picked up inside the studio. Please discuss pick up procedures with your children. The studio will close 15 minutes after the last class of each day, please ensure you are on time to pick up your children.

Teacher’s Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all students are treated equal and are in a safe and caring environment.
  • Inform parents and students of any concerns.
  • Teach a full curriculum appropriate for the student’s age and ability.
  • Respect and follow studio’s of guidelines and ethics.
  • Set clear boundaries and communication paths.
  • Place students in classes suited best for their level and ability, placing safety above all else.

Parent’s Responsibilies

  • Our office should be used to keep communication open
    between parents, teachers and directors. Questions and concerns must be addressed through our office administrator to set up an appointment in order to ensure full attention and care is provided.
  • Ensure child attends class and arrives at least 5-10 mins prior to class start time.
  • Ensure that all fees are paid on time
  • To treat the concerns of the teachers seriously.
  • To inform the teachers of any concerns or problems pertaining to your child which may affect their dance training.
  • To ensure you review website for all newsletters, notices and schedules. All information will also be posted in our waiting room.
  • Newsletters will be emailed out every second month, please ensure you receive a copy. They are also available for pick up in our waiting room.
  • To call or email the office of an unavoidable absence. We keep attendance books in class. If your child is missing 3 lessons in a row, a call will be made. It is the dancers responsibility to learn missed material prior to the next class (This does not apply debut classes.)
  • Respect and support the studio policies and schedules.

Student’s Responsibilities

  • ATTENDANCE – All students are required to attend their classes on a regular basis. Frequent, repetitive class work is essential to muscle development and memory. If a student does not attend classes on a regular basis, they will fall behind and risk being removed from choreography or possible being put into a lower level class. It is also extremely important that students do not come late to classes. Dance classes are designed to begin with a warm-up and then graduate to more difficult work, missing the warm-up could result in injury. Students should arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior to class starting. Consistent attendance is mandatory and self discipline with attire and grooming is necessary.
  • POLITE – Students are to be respectful to all others including other dancers, faculty and family. This is to occur both in and out of the studio. Student behaviour at festivals and other functions outside the studio is to be considered courteous to everyone no matter the response in return. This is to be upheld at all times with NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • POISED AND PATIENT – Consistent and persistent effort must be made each class to ensure the student actually progresses. Lack of consistent effort does not heed the results both the student and the teacher want to achieve.
  • POSITIVE – Negative attitude from one affects all in the classroom. We are committed to having a safe and secure atmosphere to achieve positive results for the group as a whole. This is to be everyone’s objective.
  • INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR will be disciplined as follows: First Infraction – a verbal warning Second Infraction – discussion with the parent Third Infraction – will result in dismissal from the dance studio. Withdrawal Policy will be followed.
  • Any student caught stealing, bullying, vandalizing or intentionally hurting another individual will be dismissed immediately and Cancellation Policy will be followed.

Class Rules

  • No Gum, Candy, Food or Soft/Sport Drinks
  • No Jewellery (small stud earrings are allowed)
  • No Jeans, Boxers, Regular Clothing or Street Shoes

Viewing Classes

Although we all love to watch our children learning, it is actually quite uncomfortable for the students to learn (and make mistakes) while people are watching. In order for your child to get the best out of class time we have implemented a no spectator rule and hope this will be respected. This includes friends of the dancers who want to come in and watch a class. We have closed circuit TV systems for parents to view classes from our lobby.


At DansConnection we hold exams in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Your teacher will let each dancer know when they are ready to take an exam, and it is likely that they will have at least 1 year study of a syllabus before you approach an exam. It is your choice to take an exam. Exam can be scheduled anytime on any day of the week during the exam session which is dependant on the examiner. As Ballet exams are held in the fall/winter, training starts the previous dance year. In order for teachers to determine if the individual will be ready for their exam all students considering taking a ballet exam must attended summer school.

Please keep in mind that we as teachers, have set guidelines and requirements that our students are expected to meet (set by the RAD., CDTA and ADAPT). Our experience tells us whether a student is meeting these\or they haven’t mastered it yet. The students can however, continue to work toward these goals at this level. The teachers will also expect the students entering the exams to possibly do some extra classes the month before the exam.

Examinations are only a way for the student and your teacher to see how you are progressing. The results are not necessarily an indication of students full dance abilities as nerves and other factor may affect exam results. Examiners are not there to frighten you and they know how you are feeling and will do their best to put you at ease. Remember you both have something in common – a love of dancing.

DansConnection Competitive Team is a group of dancers who are invited to perform in various out of town festivals and local competitions. Anyone intested in becoming part of DCCT must audition each year and write a letter to the director explaining why competitve dance is important to them. All DCCT students must show Desire, Discpline and Dedication

Summer Dance Intensive

Summer school will be held each year and is available to all students of all levels. Disciplines taught during summer school are Ballet, Conditioning, Jazz, Tap, Stylized Dance (such as Hip Hop or Flamenco) , and Contemporary. DansConnection Competitive Team (DCCT) choreography will be taught at this time. All DCCT dancers and students considering taking Ballet exams must attend the full 9 days.

Local Festivals

Most classes have the opportunity to perform in a Peace Country festival (excluding debut classes). The $40 non-refundable registration fee is due at registration.

This is an event where a dancer can perform in a non competitive setting for adjudication, medals, or awards. Festivals can help promote self-improvement and increased self-esteem. Dancers who participate tend to grasp the performance edge early. All classes have the opportunity to perform in the local festivals (excluding Pre School Programs, Angelina Ballerina, Tiny Tappers, Combo classes)


DansConnection holds an annual recital where each class will be perform. If you are interested in volunteering for backstage help please watch for the sign up sheet.


Each year a photographer comes to our studio to take class and individual pictures. Costumes, hair and make up must be done prior to arriving for photo. If your child is enrolled in more than 1 discipline please be advised they may need to come more than 1 time throughout the picture days. Hair must be worn as stated on the costume etiquette sheet, but make up is optional and should be worn naturally, not as stage make-up.

Website Security

Our web site has a lot of our studio information posted on it. Please also use it as a link to email us if you are in need of help. We use The Studio Director program and you can click on their icons when registering on the website to find exact details on how your information is protected.

To Conclude

All highlighted classes on the schedule in the registration package are suggestions and classes your child is best suited for. The teachers have discussed each individual student, their goals, their ability, their attendance record, their level of dedication, the class structure and what will be best for that student. We hope that you will trust our judgement and experience in dance education.

We are very glad to have your child at the studio. Thank you for entrusting us with their dance education. We look forward to a fantastic year of dance and fun! We also thank you for your cooperation in advance. Questions or concerns can be forwarded to Amber in the office at 539-4370 during office hours or you can also email us!

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