Bloom Fine Arts For Preschooler

Bloom is a new program offered by DansConnection School of Performing Arts. Our program offers a combination of arts, dance, music, crafts, centers and preschool activities. Each class has a qualified teachers and assistants. There are no required duty days & no fundraising expectations.

Daily Routine

May include, Free Play, Matt time, songs, stories, finger plays, calendar, weather and literacy awareness, Gym / Dance Class, skill development, gross motor activities, songs, basic dance technique & creative movement, Centers & Crafts, Snack Time, Show & Tell, Music, Goodbye Circle
*On occasion, variations will be made due to special events*


We believe in a preschool program that allows each child to develop all facets of their person. We also believe all children deserve a program that encourages individuality. We recognize no two children are alike and we take pride in appreciating the things that make us unique.

An integral part of our program is play. Play allows children valuable learning opportunities. Learning through play should encourage and support the whole child. This can be done by remembering the acronym S.P.I.C.E.

S Is for the Social Development of the child. Preschool is often the first opportunity children have to interact with their peers in a group setting. The acquisitions of social and problem solving skill begins here. These important life skills are encouraged by providing opportunities to socialize at the many centers in our preschool room.

P Is for Physical. It is important to provide children with room to move and develop their gross motor skills. We meet this need by providing daily dance and gym time.

I Is for Intellectual. Introduction to literacy is an important part of our program. By proving a daily circle time with stories, books, songs and finger plays and by providing a changing discovery or science centre, we are meeting the intellectual needs of the child and fostering a love for books and learning.

C Is for Creativity. It is important for children to have an opportunity to express their creativity. We provide many art mediums for children to explore with. Remember it is the process of art rather than the outcome.

E Is for Emotional. Encouraging a healthy self esteem is also one of the goals of our program. It is important for the emotional needs of children to be met. We provide a safe, clean and non judgmental environment for children to grow and learn in.

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